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Greentech, Generous Parental Leave

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Simple Energy
Greentech • Software
We motivate people to save energy and fundamentally change how “energy” — utilities, energy retailers, and product manufacturers — and people engage. We create data-driven software that appeals to people’s interests and desires, informs them about their energy use and makes saving energy use and makes saving energy social, fun, and simple.

Disability Insurance
Dental Benefits
Vision Benefits
Local Employees
E Source
Events • Greentech
We help utilities solve problems, make business decisions that serve their customers well, and give them the competitive advantage they need to succeed. We work with thousands of utility employees and leaders across the US and Canada, arming them with the knowledge and guidance they need to adapt to ever-changing business and market conditions.

Volunteer in local community
Friends outside of work
Intracompany committees
Open door policy
Local Employees
Big Data • Cloud
LightStanza is the architecture industry’s most comprehensive daylighting analysis tool. We are radically transforming how buildings are designed, built, and operated for the benefit of human health and energy efficiency on a massive scale. Our tool allows architects to make meaningful decisions, backed with accurate and actionable data.

Health Insurance Benefits
Generous Parental Leave
Flexible Work Schedule
Remote Work Program
Local Employees