Turing newly able to accept GI Bill® benefits

by Jeff Casimir
October 3, 2016

Turing School of Software & Design was founded on the idea that through technology, innovation, and education we can build better lives and ultimately a better world. With that in mind, we have consistently aimed to serve a diverse student population and teach skills to people who don’t fit the current tech industry stereotypes. This week, we are excited to share that we have another tool in our belt that will help Turing better serve students: the GI Bill®.


Among only a handful of coding schools across the country able to accept veterans benefits, we are excited to offer returning military and their spouses the opportunity to learn computer programming skills at our academy.


Reintegration from military to civilian life can prove challenging to many. Part of our nonprofit mission is to give students individualized support to excel as software developers and empower them in life.


We have never let a lack of funding get in the way of a good student, and this certification serves as one more financing opportunity for students to come to Turing and succeed. We want to eliminate as many roadblocks as possible.


Our team takes this approval very seriously. We are making a call to ALL veterans with grit and drive to join the technology revolution and try Turing.


To learn more about our program and to learn more about using your GI Bill®  to learn computer programming, please email Rachel Martinez



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