12 tech companies calling Colorado Springs home

by Alyssa Schroer
December 5, 2017

Denver and Boulder often receive recognition as Colorado's hubs for startups and tech companies, but cities lesser-known for tech influence like Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are making a name for themselves. There's a mixture of companies young and old, big and small in Colorado Springs, making it an up-and-coming hot bed in the community. To get to know the scene a little better, we rounded up twelve tech companies operating out of the Springs.


bombbomb colorado springs companies
photo via bombbomb

Industry: Software

What they do: BombBomb creates number-boosting content solutions for sales teams. The platform uses video messaging to make sales professionals stand out in a prospect’s inbox. Beyond video messaging, BombBomb provides tracking, canned responses, scheduling and reminders to optimize each user’s sales potential.


formstack colorado springs companies
Photo via facebook

Industry: Software

What they do: Formstack enables users to create simple online forms for numerous external and internal business needs. Whether an HR department has to collect contact information or an events team requires guest registration forms, the platform makes it easy to integrate interdepartmental needs.


cherwell software colorado springs companies
photo via cherwell software

Industry: Software

What they do: Cherwell makes IT service management  software utilized worldwide by more than 1,700 companies. Their platform automates IT services and support for healthcare, finance, higher education, government and retail industries in 40 countries.


altia colorado springs companies
photo via altia

Industry: Software

What they do: Altia provides a platform for creating amazing graphical user interfaces  without the need for high-end hardware. The software is used largely in the automotive and medical industries, but products ranging from exercise equipment to home appliances also utilize Altia’s software.


bold technologies colorado springs
photo via twitter

Industry: Software

What they do: Bold Technologies provides alarm monitoring and physical security information management software. Founded in 1981, Bold is a leader in the industry, ensuring companies stay ahead of advances in critical security technologies. 


photo via facebook

Industry: HealthTech, Big Data

What they do: BurstIQ’s technology spans multiple industries, but it's specifically introducing new possibilities to the health field. The data within healthcare is difficult to utilize because it is split and largely inaccessible across multiple systems. With the help of Burst's platform, data is aggregated and managed while staying within security and HIPAA compliances.


fusesport colorado springs companies
photo via fusesport

Industry: Software, Sports

What they do: Fusesport is a comprehensive management platform for a range of sporting events. From registration and participant portals to competition results and analytics, fusesport takes care of all management needs for races, multi-sport events and sport associations.


peakmed colorado springs companies
photo via facebook

Industry: HealthTech

What they do: PeakMed is a monthly medical membership without co-pays, deductibles or pre-care consultations. Their system enables patients to see a doctor the same day and provides 24/7 phone access at any of their health centers.


pv ventures colorado springs companies
photo via pv ventures

Industry: Angel/VC Firm

What they do: PV Ventures is a venture capitalist firm investing in seed-stage tech companies. PV has invested in multiple companies in Colorado Springs including Altia, BurstIQ, fusesport and X-IO.



root9b colorado springs companies
photo via facebook

Industry: Security

What they do: Root9B is a cybersecurity company offering comprehensive defense services ranging from basic training to more advanced protection. Cyber attackers find gaps in traditional security programs, and root9b's solutions defend those gaps backed by a team of security veterans.



wow! colorado springs companies
photo via wow!

Industry: Technology

What they do: WOW! is one of the nation's largest internet, cable and phone providers for residences and businesses. Headquartered in Englewood, WOW! has call centers nationally — and Colorado Springs is no exception.



xio technologies colorado springs companies
photo via facebook

Industry: Enterprise Web

What they do: X-IO Technologies is an advanced data storage system for companies and organizations in markets like education, manufacturing, finance, retail, government and healthcare. X-IO provides peace of mind while storing mass amounts of data and offers real-time insights without data loss.


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